Weston James Palmer Sex Front.png

Weston James Palmer’s focus is on human relationships and emotions – undercurrents of the complex social game of roles. Side effects of this game include loneliness, confusion, insecurities and superficiality. Throughout his work, WJP gives his perspective on social reality and our struggles within structure and inward. Through multiple mediums - photography, painting, drawing and time-based media - he invites the viewer to witness his ongoing observations and imprints his reflections on pictures. WJP captures ordinary objects and his surroundings, attributing human qualities and emotions to them. He brings attention to the unseen and non-obvious, encouraging to look beneath the surface and to discern the essence – the authentic. His working method is intuitive: pictures are born out of inner sensation at a certain moment or period; colors vary according to the subject matter and the mood. SEXHUE – a solid or mix of pink, purple, blue and/or orangish hues – is Palmer’s statement color palette often present in his work.

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