Do Not Read My First Story



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This is it...what's the point of being here if your just going to follow in the footsteps of everyone else. Rules were made up from people just like you and there is no reason in the world why you can't make up your own. Just because someone told you something is right doesn't mean you need to believe them. Question everything. And Stop being so damn scared of failing! I have failed just as many times as I have succeeded and you know what...I'm still here. There is always a way, just keep going.

Now it's time to take my own advice. This is my perspective. My life. This is what I want to do and sharing it with you starts now:

I was told I had 3rd grade reading and writing skills since high school....Yeah probably true (Thats why I all I did was skateboard). So why should you care? I am asking myself the same damn thing. YOU don't....Get lost...Go to the next site and waste more of your time or if you want stay. Stay.

My name is Weston James Palmer....A curious and always learning artist, director, skater, photographer, creative director...(I don't even know anymore) who makes things. I can't write worth shit and "it" (No idea what it is) has held me back from expressing myself.......Well guess what. I am over it. I am going to write like a 3 year old. If thats what I got to do to share my experiences, feelings, stories with you, then your going to have to deal with my 3rd grade writing skills....thinking to oneself....What an asshole great person. Look, I have what you call severe "Hyper Focus, a.d.d, o.c.d" and the list goes on.....My mind has a million things going on a second (Jason Schwartzman, Scene 1 - I Heart Huckabees) and what I am going to do is WRITE and never look back....Never look back you might ask....Meaning, as soon as I start typing, I am not going back and editing at all, I mean ALL. (Well fuck, that means I have to be politically correct and abide by all the grammatical rules.....schools and teachers won't approve) You know what I think (fuck them) I don't care. "Word Vomit"...thats what Im going to call it. No editing....Pure thoughts from my head...Yeah,,, most all of it "might" suck, but there will be some gems. Like how Cat Power liked a bunch of my Instagram photos and reposted one photo without giving me credit (Photo of Supreme Harmony Korine deck)...haha I love you Chan no worries.

What will I be sharing??? I Love Film, Fashion, Photography, Art, Skateboarding etc....Fuck, I'm not the best, but I have some things in my head I need to get out....beautiful people standing in front of a but seriously guys and girls love to stare at beautiful people .... so lets be real. Maybe you will like it then. Also, feelings, thoughts, emotions, love (thats a tricky one), how ever I can get them out. Through quotes, stories and yes your new favorite word (Word Vomit) Damn it, I probably just lost all my instagram followers. Oh and Music. I really like music. My problem is I like all genres. So heres a tip, if I post a song you hate, take a deep breathe get over it and hit the next button. There's going to be something you like...and if there isn't fucking unfollow me....and then let me know when you are DJ-ing at the SLS in Vegas and I'll come watch you.....maybe kiss you and take notes. Btw, listening to rolling stones "indian girl" right now. and btw how is that mother fucker still alive??? Sidenote: I want to write (document) stories on talented people who are inspiring or you can learn from...simple as that. And if you like them tell me and if you hate them tell me (Comment!!!). I'll make sure to shoot and work with FrejaMoss, and Xiao Wen (I♡@babyghost_nyc) at some point. Just be patient. We are growing together.

Ok, back to reality... in all seriousness I want to build a relationship with to you...discuss with you (same meaning) It's about connecting. Collaborating...learning and making. Thats what we are on this earth for... So lets do it. Together. And at the same time...lets shake some shit up. Because this world gets boring sometimes and if your not unique or at least making an effort to do something (please share if you are), then I probably don't give a shit about you. But I should because all people are mean, boring, negative, having nothing good to sayI mean "Nice" and you got to be nice back...Laughing uncontrollably...Do you think Miley had sex with Terry Richardson??? Yes or no? My twitter is @westonjamesp .....and if you actually care to tweet the answer, then I know you actually got this far and that means I fucking love you.

Oh, my Instagram is my name @westonjamespalmer check out my "ok" photos I take....But I'm getting better because @aguynamedpatrick (he's brilliant) is teaching me some tricks. And by tricks I mean you have to download 4 different apps to get a picture to look cool. Fuck so much effort goes into it....But you know what, his feed looks really damn good (Follow him and me too).

Alright, thats it. It has started. I will now become the worlds worst writer because its my only way I will be able to get my thoughts out to you (other then visuals and sounds)..... Hope you can get past it and become my friend....because I don't have that many :( But I don't want another friend on Facebook. Because I hate Facebook....Fucking hate it.

The End to the Beginning. BTW, Seth Godin...Thank you for the inspiration.

P.S. Start what ever it is you want to start. Fuck waiting and lets do it together. 

P.S.S. I started the label " ( skateboarding, fashion, photography, film & art) keep an eye out and follow us on Instagram for the latest

Weston James Palmer