Obama and Steve, 2011

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With the lightning pace of technology today and creative industry at an all time high in regards to relevancy, how does our current political system stand up in the wake of technological advancements that make it seem as if our current system is radically out of date and bogged down with unnecessary clutter and confusion. If we removed the restraints and allowed people to vote and elect into the Whitehouse who ever they felt could get the job done, disregarding the proper qualification and campaigning of today’s politics, would they still choose the current president, or an icon who has changed the dynamics of how the world communicates and interacts?
Obama and Steve is a piece that questions the politics of today. Interactive on multiple levels, the piece is meant to provoke emotions and capture reactions while documenting its reach. The unique setup of this piece allows the viewers to vote for either Obama or Steve. The results will be tallied on December 23rd and the piece will be sold for the total amount of votes, thus generating a measurable log of the effect the piece had and establishing an equation for valuation.

20% of the sale of “Obama and Steve” will go to the Inner City Arts Program.



Old sink cabinets 

Paint Oil Stick

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